Diagnose Heart Problems with Cardiac Rhythm’s Advanced Cardiac Monitoring Services

Posted on November 16, 2022

Our overall health depends heavily on the longevity of our hearts. This vital organ refreshes replenishes and feeds our body and all its organs to keep us in the best shape. Maintaining great heart health is therefore crucial, and an important part of doing that involves picking out heart problems before they cause damage. With Cardiac Rhythm’s cardiac remote patient monitoring technology, this becomes easier than ever for facilities of all sizes. Here’s how our services and technology can help physicians pick out cardiovascular abnormalities and secure the heart health of their patients.

1. Rely on cardiac monitoring technology with a higher diagnostic yield

Can you be misdiagnosed with heart disease? Yes. With particular regard to heart failure, misdiagnoses occur between 15% and 67% of the time, according to findings from a report by Science Direct. Ultimately, this can:

    1. Reduce a patient’s life span needlessly
    2. Lead to poor quality of life
    3. Cause stroke, heart attack, and heart failure

At Cardiac Rhythm, we offer ultra-modern biosensors that are designed to meet various needs, providing the ability to accurately assess a patient’s symptoms on a long-term or per-event basis.

In particular, our advanced biosensors enjoy a higher diagnostic yield. They outperform conventional holter monitors that provide a 15% accuracy with a diagnostic yield of 63%, making our cardiac monitoring devices ideal for picking out all types of heart problems.

2. Leverage our technology to capture heart data periodically and remotely

There are many benefits to care providers offering ECG monitoring at home. For one, it ensures peace of mind for patients and their facilities as both are often not at ease when the patient is admitted, even just for observational purposes.

What’s more, with a wearable ECG monitoring device, it becomes possible for patients to go about their day-to-day without having to take time off their schedule for doctor appointments. This is a win-win for patients and hospitals, the latter benefiting through reduced operating costs and enhanced clinical staff productivity.

Beyond that, our biosensors also give physicians a more complete picture of a patient’s condition. Rather than capturing fragments of data that traditional event and Holter monitors provide, our 24/7 monitoring ensures round-the-clock data which enables more conclusive clinical decisions.

3. Our classification engine speeds up turnaround through arrhythmia hints

Identifying and categorizing arrhythmias isn’t always straightforward. Of course, arrhythmias aren’t always a straight-line equation dependent on heart rate alone, there’s much else that physicians need to consider beyond simply classifying an arrhythmia as Afib, tachycardia, or bradycardia.

A few other criteria that influence the diagnosis of arrhythmia also include:

    1. The location of the arrhythmia or site of origin in terms of heart chambers
    2. Mechanism of the arrhythmia, i.e. triggered entry, automaticity, etc.
    3. Duration of the arrhythmia

So a lot goes into the equation in a nutshell. Our cardiac remote monitoring services leverage the power of artificial intelligence and consider all these metrics. While it’s not a substitute for a physician’s diagnosis, it offers arrhythmia classification hints that can help ECG technicians get there quicker.

Ultimately, this lowers the margin for error while reducing the risk of misdiagnosis. Patients can consequently start on the appropriate treatment plan promptly, thus improving health outcomes.

4. Review cardiac events in near-real-time for a more accurate diagnosis

Never miss a beat with our cardiac remote patient monitoring technology. Stay on top of adverse events as they happen and intervene in the nick of time to ensure the best outcome for your patient.

The ability to review cardiac events as they happen is crucial for several reasons. First, it allows physicians to identify environmental or lifestyle triggers that enable the doctor to know whether there’s truly an arrhythmia kicking in or something much less subtle is to blame.

Secondly, near real-time cardiac data capture ensures physicians can get to the bottom of the problem in the shortest time possible. This consequently shortens the monitoring duration for the patient while expediting treatment and minimizing periods of worry and anxiety for patients.

5. Hit the ground running without requiring an IT overhaul

The best part about our cardiac monitoring services and its ecosystem of technologies is that they enable you to hit the ground running. No setup. No downtime. No upskilling. Get our technology today and straight away use it to diagnose heart problems.

This is made possible by the following features:

    Cloud availability: Our technology breaks down geographical limitations and legacy systems. It provides a unified solution for cardiac data that physicians can access anywhere, anytime.

    Compatibility with EMRs: Cardiac Rhythm’s remote cardiac monitoring technology further reduces IT needs by offering seamless integration with a range of various 3rd party EMRs

Presenting an out-of-the-box solution, our advanced cardiac monitoring delivers value right out of the gate.

Personalize your workflow like never before

Furthermore, our technology and service make it possible for physicians to personalize their workflows and leverage tracking tools. The latter reduces the burden of work on the part of the physician, freeing them up for other important duties.

Moreover, with the personalization of a physician’s workflow comes the following benefits:

    1. Improved collaboration across the entirety of the care management team
    2. Operational cost savings as the need to outsource certain workflow functionalities to third parties is eliminated
    3. Strong communication which improves patient-physician relationships as well as the probability of the desired health outcome

Furthermore, these tools also include patient record tools which also ease data retrieval, allowing physicians to get important information about the patient that they need to make a diagnosis almost instantly.


With deep-dive diagnostics that give you 24/7 access to your patient’s cardiac data, Cardiac Rhythm’s cardiac monitoring services are what you need to improve diagnostic yield and turnaround time. Leverage our technology for Afib monitoring and to figure out the true incidence of many other arrhythmias. Our portable lightweight technology is loved by patients and heralded by doctors as the present and future of heart problem diagnosis. But don’t just let us tell you about it. Be sure to schedule a call to experience the capabilities of our technology firsthand for your care facility.

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