Monitor Your Heart Rhythms in near real-time by using Cardiac Rhythm's wearable Bio-sensors

Posted on December 6, 2021

The health and fitness industry have evolved through the past few years. The advancement of technology has introduced biotech sensor devices to measure real-time heart performance. Wearable devices or sensor gadgets are basically e-devices that can be ubiquitously used by people to measure and keep a vigilant check on the biometric details reflecting heart health.

Wearable devices are best suited for medical use. These sensors are easy to use, highly accessible and portable. Cardiac Rhythm is one such trusted venture that covers heart health and fitness the most flexible way. Using the wearable bio sensors offered by Cardiac Rhythm, you can track your heart health with accurate data in a few seconds.

Ignoring fluctuations can lead to dire consequences like chronic heart ailments. Such severity can be fatal too. It is suggested to regulate your health and fitness using these ECG monitoring devices.

These devices are specially designed for doctors, medical practitioners, pharma, direct consumers and physicians to ascertain the real-time heart conditions.

Cardiac Rhythm’s Wearable Bio-sensors

Is it important to keep a track and measure your heart beat? Will it help in ascertaining your heart health? Overall, heart rate is extremely important to your body, as means of tracking a good immune system. You can take measures to improve your heart rate by exercising or otherwise partake in healthy lifestyle decisions.

The biotech sensor devices by Cardiac Rhythm propound the following benefits:

  • Detect alarming heart conditions

  • The 24 hour ECG Monitoring Service is effective in detecting serious heart ailments. Arrhythmia is one such major condition that occurs when the electrical channels face short circuits or aberrations in intermittent sequences. This in turn makes the pumping of blood by heart irregular. The ramifications can be initially mild, however if left untreated, may certainly lead to weakening of the heart muscles due to the accelerated heart beat. Due to this inadvertence, proper transfer of blood across the body will not happen thereby leading to grave issues like stroke.

    About 80% of Indians due to this complicated bodily condition face Cardiovascular diseases. In the United States, heart disease is estimated to be probable between the range 2.7 million–6.1 million people. The likelihood of this gigantic range of affected population in India and the United States is more as the condition is left undiagnosed. Using the heart performance monitor services by cardiac Rhythm, you can identify the possible fluctuation in your heart and consult your doctor if any unwanted condition is detected.

  • Indicates the follow up diagnosis, if needed

  • By using these Wearable Biosensor Devices by Cardiac Rhythm, a faltering rhythm of the heart can be detected. These biosensors connect with the function of an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) to measure a regular beating of the heart. You can ascertain the equilibrium between your heart rate and the electrical impulses carried throughout your body. The American Heart Association, American College of Cardiology, and the Heart Rhythm Society have advised the similar way to check heart rate in the most handy way.

    However, with things coming to you in handy, you need to keep in mind that once you discover any serious heart condition including irregular heart beats, do pass the ECG report to your physician on an immediate basis. Doctors can thereby perform therapeutic treatment to better the deteriorating heart condition.

Why to choose Cardiac Rhythm’s Monitoring Device

A cardiac event recorder (biosensor) measures the user’s electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) heartbeats when you feel dazed and or faint for some time. The Cardiac ECG Monitoring Service also measures the degree of how you respond to a medicine. The cardiac event recorder services by Cardiac Rhythm store the ECG in the databases and display it in the wearable heart monitor device. The report can also be shared over call, or to your physician for further analysis. Moreover, the cardiac event recorders in the form of biosensors involve no risk and are absolutely easy to use.

Using the heart rate monitoring services by Cardiac Rhythm, you can seek immediate diagnosis in accordance to the released data after analysis.

In order to use Cardiac Rhythm’s monitoring services, you can directly reach the core team from the contact provided in the official website. These wearable bands are packed manually, sterilized well and sent through the shipping merchants to you.

Doctors and physicians can use these wearable bands by Cardiac Rhythm to monitor their patient’s health and offer follow up therapeutic diagnosis. In this way, the medical professionals will be in a better position to offer specialised treatments with precision and enhanced clinical results. The Cardiac Rhythms’s wearable devices are highly economical and offer new means to reduce the cost of healthcare.

Cardiac Rhythm Monitoring Device Features

The cardiac event recorder services offered by Cardiac Rhythm is the most accessible way to measure the heart rate. The monitoring device originally crafted by Cardiac Rhythm helps to note the heart rate anytime and anywhere. With a continual eye on the heart rhythm of patients, the status of heat related issues like arrhythmia and other stress or anxiety levels.
The leading edge wearable heart monitor device have the following features:

  • Lightweight and easy to use and wear. Net weight is 13 gms.
  • 14 days of ceaseless check on heart rate.
  • Productive diagnostic yield, much more effective than the customary holter machines for monitoring heart.
  • Elongated heart performance monitor services for up to a week.
  • Event measuring technique with an advanced tinge for over 15 days.

The Cardiac ECG Monitoring Services contains an intense prognostic value and helps the patient measure the real time heart rhythm.

The Bottom Line

With the advancement of technology, several hospitals, health care professionals,clinics, physicians and pharma mediators recommend wearable heart monitor devices over the traditional holter machines. Ascertaining the heart rate on an immediate basis will help the patients monitor a regular functioning. After measuring the observations of the whole week, you will be able to decide vigilantly in case of irregular heart rhythm and thereby visit the doctor.

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