Timely Data. Faster Innovation.

Cardiac Rhythm helps pharmaceutical and medical device companies continuously and efficiently innovate ground breaking solutions by partnering with them and providing accurate clinical data and research information on demand.

Clinical Trial and Research

Ongoing clinical trials are absolutely essential for advancing the frontiers of healthcare. Cardiac Rhythm’s goal is to assist leading global pharmaceutical and medical device companies and help them efficiently conduct ground breaking research. With our partnership, research teams can greatly improve their efforts in bringing these medical advancements to market by providing previously uncaptured data.

Cardiac Rhythm realizes the tremendous investment it takes companies to bring a new product to market. One of the concepts we’re helping pioneer is the notion of “failing fast,” whereby pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies gather data at the early “proof of concept” stage, which can deter them from spending the time and money involved in a trial that is likely to end unsatisfactorily.

Our Clinical Research Department works closely with academic institutions, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical-device companies to implement the most efficient methodologies for data acquisition according to trial protocols. Our systems provide accurate measurements of device and/or therapy so that effectiveness and safety are clearly demonstrated. We also extend our clinical trial services to veterinary clinics and hospitals.

Available Services

  • Mobile Cardiac Telemetry
  • Long-term holter monitoring
  • Symptomatic and asymptomatic AF monitoring
  • Endpoint consulting
  • Customized data management
  • Flexible ECG data collection tools to correlate ECG findings with drug titration levels
  • Multi-center data management
  • HRV analysis
  • ST analysis
  • Patient reminders
  • Comprehensive and flexible AF burden statistical analysis with verification

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