How Cardiac Rhythm's Accurate Clinical Data can Optimize Scalability Potential for Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Companies

Posted on November 19, 2022

Is your medical device service plateauing or on the decline? Are you keen to attract more sales and more business for your pharmacy? You need to tap into Cardiac Rhythm’s clinical trial research service to hack grow and optimize scalability. With lots of disruptions to blame for the state of the pharmaceutical industry today, we provide in-depth clinical data to power your research and get past these obstacles. Straight away, let’s get into how our clinical data can help you tap into the full scalability potential of your facility.

1. Companies get valuable data right at the proof-of-concept stage

Many medical device companies spend millions of dollars and countless manhours working on products or drugs that are destined to hit a dead end. The worst part is that these companies don’t even know it until they’re months or even years into the clinical trial. By this time, the financial and personnel damages are already quite severe, leaving facilities to count their losses.

However, with Cardiac Rhythm’s clinical trial service shedding light on the probability of success right at the “proof of concept” stage, this all changes. Medical device companies and pharmaceutical companies can straight away get valuable data via a concept we like to call “failing fast.”

In other words, companies can use our data to identify technology or drugs without a future before spending a tremendous amount of investment on them. Consequently, this ensures such players can divert these saved resources into more feasible and attainable solutions. This ensures optimal scalability due to improved decision-making that leads to the exploration of more profitable solutions that can grow the company.

2. We provide on-demand clinical data to improve cost efficiency and success

When companies are struggling to just break even, then there’s little in the tank that can be directed toward growth. As this becomes a pattern, scalability continues to stagnate, making these companies more vulnerable to disruptions such as the coronavirus.

Among the causes of high operational costs are inefficient clinical trials. Medical device companies and pharmaceuticals spend a fortune to gather the data they need for their clinical trials. This leaves little to spare to enact growth.

However, Cardiac Rhythm also comes to the rescue here, providing an efficient way for players to get accurate clinical data without resorting to expensive data remediation solutions. By outsourcing this tedious and resource-intensive part of clinical research, namely data collection or gathering, facilities can reap the following benefits:

    1. More time freed up from iterative tasks
    2. Improved accuracy of clinical data due to the elimination of human error
    3. Increased chances of clinical trial success which accelerates the expansion or creation of new product lines

All of these further allow pharmaceutical and medical device companies to tap into their scalability potential by accelerating innovation.

3. Cardiac Rhythm alleviates biotechnology capital to fast-track development

Companies that chose to go at it alone often have to set aside a generous budget to match the financial needs to purchase new equipment. For instance, medical device companies working on new cardiac technology may need to get hold of:

    1. Portable holter monitoring device
    2. MCT devices
    3. Cardiac data management software, and others

That’s not to mention the expertise that many come with acquiring new technology or specialist services. With Cardiac Rhythm’s cardiac monitoring services, these initial costs can be reduced or avoided altogether. Our existing ecosystem of technology and experienced physicians ensures facilities don’t have to start from scratch. They can leverage our preliminary technology to get a head start in their clinical trial. As a result, this only allows them to scale at a rapid pace.

4. We provide multi-center data management to further free up research workflows

Clinical trials typically require a lot of work in terms of data acquisition. This will include undoubtedly both large amounts of structured and unstructured data, the latter being quite the thorn in the foot. That’s because they take up quite a lot of time to process and can be just as expensive to manage as they are difficult to analyze.

However, with the aid of Cardiac Rhythm, the burden of unstructured data and managing various data points involved lifts off a medical device firm’s shoulder. We take over the process, providing multi-center data management support for your clinical trial. Besides freeing up the workflow, our cloud-based data management platform further ensures universal access to clinical researchers from around the world.

Ultimately, this also enhances cross-department collaboration by clinical investigators without inflating operational costs since the collaboration can occur virtually or remotely. The geographical barrier in clinical trials is thus eliminated giving companies reach beyond their physical establishments, which is certainly great news as far as the decentralization of clinal trials and scalability are concerned.

5. Our patient reminders improve retention and protocol compliance

Sometimes clinical trials don’t yield the desired results, not due to the pharmaceutical company but a lapse in adherence by patients. Without regular reminders, the following often take a hit, landing clinical trials in jeopardy:

    1. Patient retention
    2. Clinical trial protocol adherence
    3. Increased site burden

Cardiac Rhythm’s clinical research and remote patient monitoring services however avail personalized personal reminders that can help avoid the above. The result is the increased accuracy of endpoint data, alleviated expenses due to noncompliance or dropout, and enhanced patient motivation.

All this serves to further safeguard the accuracy of clinical data, and the ultimate result is that clinical research will more often than not lead to satisfactory results. Consequently, this will help to identify which projects to move onto when expanding the product or drug line.

Over to you

For every company that seeks to scale, getting things right at the clinical research stage is absolutely crucial. If you are in search of one of the best remote patient monitoring companies to help you expedite your clinical trial while safeguarding accuracy and timeliness, Cardiac Rhythm is here for you. Our clinical trial support covers HRV analysis, ST analysis, multi-center data management, endpoint consulting and so much more and keeps your company firmly focused on innovation. Ready to kick your innovation process into high gear and harness your untapped scalability potential? Contact us today for clinical trial research services.

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