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Posted on August 1, 2019

There are plenty of misconceptions about heart disease out there, from who can get it to how it feels. Relying on false assumptions can be dangerous to your heart. Cardiovascular disease kills more people each year than any other disease.

Let us reveal the myths & facts about heart disease. Go through the below infographics by Cardiac Rhythm to know more about the real part of the cardiovascular system.

How much do you really know about your heart health? There are plenty of misconceptions about the heart, from who can get it to how it feels. Let us refine the facts from the myths!

Myth: Heart disease happens only to older people

Fact: Heart disease can affect anyone, no matter how old they are. The fact is that your risk of heart problems gets higher as your age increases

Myth: Physically active and fit people are exceptional for heart diseases

Fact: Regular physical activity can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Even it’s possible to develop heart diseases

Myth: Diabetes won’t threaten the heart as long as the medications are consumed regularly

Fact: This can delay the development of heart disease but you are still at an increased risk of heart disease & stroke

Myth: “My heart is beating really fast, I must be having a heart attack”

Fact: Some variation in the heart is normal. Heart rate can speed up due to exercising or being over-excited

Myth: Heart attack survivors should avoid exercising

Fact: Absolutely a big no! Researches show that Heart attack survivors who are physically active live longer than those who don’t

Myth: Heart attack & heart failure are the same

Fact: During a heart attack, blood flow to the heart is cut off

Myth: Everyone experiences the obvious symptoms before a Heart attack

Fact: The hard truth is, most people are not able to predict the signs & symptoms

Myth: Fish is a good diet for the heart because it is low in cholesterol

Fact: Only some kinds of fish are low in cholesterol. These include Salmon, tuna & sardines and the other fishes may be rich in cholesterol

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