Enhancing Heart Wellness at Home: The Ease of Remote Heart Monitoring Services in India

Posted on May 9, 2024

These days, you don’t need to go to a dedicated heart care center to give your body’s most important organ the care it needs. You can get round-the-clock, and highly accurate heart performance monitoring services right from the comfort of your home. With such services, you can improve heart wellness even if you don’t have any advanced medical knowledge. In this article, we’ll explore just how remote heart monitoring services make heart health at home a seamless reality.


How it all works

Our technicians will set you up with a discreet biosensor, which can help you strap and fit. With these biosensors very small, lightweight, and comfortable, you’ll even forget that they are there. Helping you to supplement medical care with robust technology, this gadget will track your heart rate, among other parameters, and then send them to our cloud platform, which you can access from any place and at any time of your choosing.

You can access this portal to get a summary of your report, which your doctor can help you understand better. Crucially, you don’t need to know any coding or have any advanced tech skills to use our solution, which is another reason why it makes heart health monitoring at home so easy and inclusive.

So you can easily manage your own wellness and health even without having any specialized knowledge, expertise, or experience.

Delivering proactive care around the clock

Once fitted, our cardiac ECG monitoring service, will watch your back 24/7 without interruption, except during moments when you need to take it off. Even then, our solution still delivers a super reliable proactive care delivery model that tracks:

1. Heart rate
2. Respiration rate
3. Oxygen Saturation
4. ECGs and more.

In doing so, it can help you spot threshold violations, sometimes through alarm triggers, so that you can identify arrhythmias and other heart conditions in time and well before the condition progresses to a very deadly stage.

Allowing you to go about your routine

Gone are the days when traditional heart monitoring meant you had to take time off your feet and from school and work. Now, remote heart monitoring services such as those that we offer at Cardiac Rhythm, ensure there’s no interruption in your daily routine.

Simply wear devices for up to 14 days, or for different duration, while you go about your schedule as you normally would. Meanwhile, you can enjoy continuous activity monitoring with minimal intervention from your end. This makes it super easy to use a 24 hour ECG monitoring service.

Simple patient-initiated, device interactions

Heart performance monitor services in India have made it super easy for you to take matters into your own hands when it comes to cardiac care. You can trigger event notifications whenever you experience symptoms, and this can help you improve the diagnostic yield.

Additionally, with this data, you can now easily correlate your symptoms to certain tasks in your everyday life that may be aggravating your condition. Beyond arming you with the date you need to identify these triggers, this patient-initiated symptom recording also gives you better control when it comes to treatment.

Access clinical reports on your device

Health continuity isn’t severed when you travel for work or holiday. You can still keep up with your heart health, thanks to ultra-modern cardiac telemetry monitoring services which feature a cloud portal.

For example, our solution includes a cloud platform, which collects and stores data about your heart in near real-time. It captures this information as your heart biosensor transmits it so that you or a physician can easily spot changes. This also means that you don’t have to manually track and record information, as was the case with traditional cardiac care solutions.

Overall, with cloud-driven Holter monitoring services, you can get:

1. Instant insights about your heart health
2. Better data security over your health data due to secure encryption
3. Excellent accessibility to your data from anywhere and on any device

Enjoy fewer hospitalizations and more timely interventions

Being admitted is far from ideal, to say the least. It attracts hefty bills in terms of hospital and utility charges, which is yet another reason that emphasizes the need for remote heart monitoring services.

In fact, you can reduce your chances of being hospitalized by 65% with a remote heart monitoring service, according to a study by the Europe Heart Journal. Additionally, further data indicates that you can improve your chances of survival by 250% with these devices, which shows just how powerful they can be.

So besides being extremely easy for you to use, this technology can help you safeguard your heart wellness at home so that you can enjoy better peace of mind.

Helping you improve self-care knowledge

With remote patient monitoring, physicians and patients in India are now connected better than ever before. There are more opportunities for you to interact with your physician and get more answers to questions you may have about your heart vitals and heart health overall.

Thanks to data-driven, educational content, you improve your health literacy to reduce your dependence on health care establishments. Additionally, this also makes it easier for your doctor to personalize your care plan, which ensures that you get heart health wellness solutions that address your specific needs like a glove.

Heart health at home – Try it out for yourself with our state-of-the-art technology

You don’t need to be a doctor to take care of your heart. All you need is an advanced, Cardiac Rhythm biosensor that can help you look after your heart 24/7. Our technology is not just FDA-approved, it works just as well for home use as it does in a hospital. And the best part is that you get a pay-per-use long-term Holter monitoring service, which allows you to make heart health more cost-efficient So give us a call today to schedule a demo of our solution to learn how it can help you stay ahead of arrhythmias and other heart arrhythmias.