Cardiac Rhythm Provides Bio-sensor That Will Accurately Monitor Your Heart Beats

Posted on August 20, 2021

Heart rate is one of the most basic signs of the human body and yet many people have questions regarding the importance of monitoring heart rate. Today, cardiac monitoring has become very crucial looking at the changing lifestyles of the people and increased heart disease rate due to the same. For those who don’t know, it is basically a method of observing your heart rate using a heartbeat monitor, biosensors monitor or and other wearable devices. Such advanced technologies help in discovering cardiac arrhythmias and related heart problems before they get worse and impose life-threatening risks.

Cardiac Rhythm offers one such advanced biosensor that allows you to monitor your heartbeat in the easiest and most accurate way. This biosensor comes with advanced features and functionalities that are helping physicians, athletes, heart patients and other individuals who are at risk of heart diseases. Cardiac Rhythm bio-sensor monitors and tracks your heartbeat and collects the data to generate a report that contains information useful for further treatment and also for preventing the problems from getting worse. Let’s discuss everything about Cardiac Rhythm Biosensors in detail!

What Exactly Is Cardiac Rhythm Biosensor And How Is It Useful?

Cardiac Rhythm’s event monitoring biosensor is an advanced Bluetooth enabled and feature-rich wireless wearable device (or say patch) that adapts a patient’s mobility and streamline heartbeat data collection for up to 15 days. It is paired with an advanced diagnostic clinical based algorithm that automatically captures the abnormal heartbeats along with the events that activated them and then delivers this data to a monitor centre in real-time via a mobile application. This biosensor detects and monitors the average heart rate for arrhythmias, including Tachycardia, Atrial Fibrillation, Bradycardia, Heart Rate Trend, P-Wave Analysis, QRS Morphology, etc.
Cardiac Rhythm’s heartbeat biosensor is defined as a one-stop solution for professional remote patient monitoring. The small and lightweight bio-sensor is built with highly advanced and powerful technology that allows physicians to secure the device onto their patients’ bodies and engage them instantly to find out their heart condition. It is a small, feather-light patch that needs to be fixed on the patient’s body. The best thing about these wearable biosensors is, they provide you with the most accurate results and help in remote patient monitoring.

Below are some of the ways Cardiac Rhythm Biosensors can help you :

1.Efficient Remote Patient Monitoring
Cardiac Rhythm Biosensor offers a complete solution for remote patient monitoring. It is a great technological innovation that is specially designed for doctors and physicians so that they can monitor their patients remotely without any hassle. When used with the Cardiac Rhythm’s PatientCare HIPAA-compliant platform, this sensor allows healthcare providers to collect and interpret their patient data in a hassle-free and cost-effective manner.
2. Accurate Results
The best part about this biosensor is that it offers the most accurate data about your heart condition. Using this precise medical data, patients can get better solutions and treatment from their doctors. Unlike other wearable devices, the results of the Cardiac Rhythm biosensor don’t get affected by sudden events. In other words, it offers sequential data for up to 15 days.
3. Prevention of Heart Problems
The biggest advantage of using a cardiac rhythm biosensor is that it helps in preventing the heart conditions from getting out of your hands. Accurate cardiac monitoring helps patients to get proper treatment in the beginning stage and thereby reduce the risk of heart failure.

Key Features of Cardiac Rhythm Wearable Biosensors – Health Monitoring Biosensors

● Super lightweight wearable patch that is easy and comfortable to wear. It doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing any monitoring device.
● Records every single heartbeat with excellent signal clarity and delivers this actionable information via a mobile app to offer a complete picture of the patient’s heart condition.
● The heart rate data and all the reports are reported and analyzed by the CCI-CCT certified professional technicians.
● Offers in-depth medical insights for intensive diagnosis with clear patient symptoms and high-quality actionable data.
● Comes with a durable Lithium-ion battery that is fast charging and has a great life.
● Capable of monitoring every single heartbeat for 7 to 14 days for the most accurate ECG data.
● Reports are read and interpreted by the qualified cardiographic experts at Cardiac Rhythm.

How Does Cardiac Rhythm Biosensor Work?

Cardiac Rhythm heartbeat monitor works in the simplest manner. Below are the steps involved in cardiac monitoring using Cardiac Rhythm’s biosensors monitor.

STEP 1: Contact Cardiac Rhythm and schedule your appointment for a hassle-free doorstep service.

STEP 2: Once the appointment is fixed, a well-trained and certified CR technician will visit your (or your patient’s) residence and help you fix the biosensor at the time you’ve decided. Apart from fixing the biosensor patch, the technician will also explain how you can use the biosensor and will also provide you with a Quick Guide to record your heart rhythm.

STEP 3: The biosensor’s heart rate monitoring ability will begin and it will start recording beat-by-beat your ECG for the decided number of days (ranging from 7 to 15 days) as suggested by your physician.

STEP 4: Once the agreed period is over, the CR technician will contact you to schedule a convenient time for removing the biosensor. Once the appointment is fixed, the technician will revisit your home, remove and collect the biosensor safely.

STEP 5: The full-fledged digital ECG report is then sent to your doctor. This report contains complete and accurate heart rate data that can be used effectively by the physicians.

Benefits of Using Cardiac Rhythm Remote Heart Rate Monitoring?

1.Comfortable To Wear
Cardiac Rhythm’s discreet biosensor is super lightweight and comfortable to wear. You can do all your routine activities normally in any way you like. The sensor will not cause any discomfort and keep monitoring your heart.

2. Suitable For Extended Wear For Both Genders
Men, as well as women both, can wear the biosensor for up to 14 days without worrying about anything.

3. 24/7 Easy to Access Reports
While using the heartbeat monitoring sensor, you can access all the clinical reports securely using a cloud portal that is open 24*7*365, in order to make timely decisions.

4. Complete Control and Deeper Insights
It offers complete control over your heart condition. You get deeper insights that will help you keep your heart healthy and risk-free by using preventive measures.

Diverse Applications of Cardiac Rhythm Wearable Biosensor

Cardiac Rhythm discreet wearable bio-sensor has a wide range of applications as follows:

● For Heart Patients
Heart patients can use it to monitor their cardiac rhythm and collect accurate ECG data for their doctors.

● For Doctors
This Biosensor allows doctors to monitor their patients remotely and provide them with better treatment and medical experience.

● For Wellness
Not just the doctors and patients, but anyone can use the biosensor for tracking their heart condition. It is an excellent way to prevent severe heart diseases.

● For Athletes & Sportspersons
Athletes and sportspersons can use the Cardiac Rhythm bio-sensor to track their heart rate. Using it, they can improve their performance and overall health.

Cardiac Rhythm biosensor is perhaps the easiest and the most cost-effective way to collect accurate ECG data that is free from human errors. It can enable healthcare providers to take better care of their patients and others to keep their heart health in check.

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