Benefits of Mobile Cardiac Telemetry for Symptomatic Patients

Posted on December 4, 2020

India has a reasonably high rate of heart related diseases amongst its people and what is worrying is that the number of such people has significantly risen. As a matter of fact cardiovascular diseases are the primary cause of mortality in the country. The only way to reverse this trend is by actively pursuing an active lifestyle.

This is something that the people at risk have to take very seriously and make the necessary lifestyle changes required to ensure that. At the same time the healthcare sector can help support such behavior with the help of enabling technologies. These can help in not only preventing heart diseases, but also improving the outcomes for those suffering from symptoms of heart diseases.

Mobile cardiac telemetry, for example, is great at helping symptomatic patients in a number of ways. Before we touch upon those, let’s understand what mobile cardiac telemetry means.

Understanding Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

Mobile cardiac telemetry involves using a portable device that helps monitor a patient’s cardiac activity. It does that while the patient being monitored goes about the business of life going out to the market, exercising and sleeping. If a physician recommends that a patient deploy an MCT device, it is always by way of registering them with a cardiac monitoring service provider.

The set up comprises electrodes connecting the MCT device to the patient’s body, empowering the latter to send medical data pertaining to a person’s heart health wirelessly across the mobile network to a receiving centre. This device enables the recording of patient activated as well as symptomatic tests. The patient can manually enter their symptoms by pushing a button whenever they experience them. The device also possesses the ability to auto trigger in the case of the symptoms of pauses, bradycardia, tachycardia or atrial fibrillation.

Advantages of Using Mobile Cardiac Telemetry for Symptomatic Patients

1. Superior Outcomes with Regard to Patient Care and Hospital Savings

The deployment of mobile cardiac telemetry to monitor the heart health of symptomatic patients enables better preventive care and timely intervention when required. This leads to not only superior health outcomes, but also considerable savings in terms of the lower hospitalization expenses. The fact that the patients can themselves step up to the plate and participate in promoting the cause of their own wellbeing is a great advantage that accrues by the use of this technology.

2. Empowers Hospitals to Obtain Better Clinical and Economic Outcomes

The mobile cardiac telemetry device is an advanced clinical decision support tool that empowers hospitals, clinics and other healthcare centres to leverage advanced clinical decision support tools to obtain better clinical outcomes as well reduced cost overheads on account of more efficient patient management.

3. Afford Mobility to Patients

By enabling mobility to the patients, mobile cardiac telemetry makes it convenient for them to go about their daily lives, even while transmitting vital data about one’s heart health. This is not only very enabling from the quality of life point of view, but can literally prove to be a life saver, in that the healthcare givers will be aware of the state of the patient’s health on an ongoing basis. Importantly, they would be able to rush help if required.

4. Detection of Arrhythmias

The fact that mobile cardiac telemetry can detect arrhythmias and bring it to the attention of a cardiologist is an ability that is extremely useful in improving patient outcomes. The timely receiving of such information enables the cardiologist to arrive at a timely diagnosis and course of treatment.

5.Enhances Patient Safety

Mobile cardiac telemetry is great at enhancing the safety of a symptomatic patient in that it ensures that heart events are identified quickly, so as to enable timely treatment. This leads to better patient prognosis and the ability to provide timely care. That is something that can prove to be a life-saver for many.

6. Improves Patients Outcome and Enhances Longevity

With deaths on account of cardiac problems being so widespread in India, it is important that one encourage the use of sophisticated technology in reducing the incidence of such events. If people with symptoms of heart diseases are able to monitor their heart health continuously and relay almost real time data about the same to the healthcare provider in question one can expect a dramatic improvement in the medical outcomes related to such people.

The adoption of mobile cardiac telemetry promises to revolutionize the way care is reached to symptomatic patients without causing them undue inconvenience or crimping their lifestyle in a major way.
The biggest advantages occur in terms of the improved diagnosis, better management of arrhythmia by way of antiarrhythmic drugs. This leads to major cost savings with regard to ablation, heart, CABG and valve procedures. Cleary mobile cardiac telemetry helps enhance diagnostic accuracy, which when combined with the deployment of a monitoring service that can integrate the patient’s data with electronic medical records majorly helps enhance the efficiency of patient care.


We are on the cusp of the greatest technological revolution witnessed by mankind that promises to transform our very lives in ways that we can’t even begin to imagine. Mobile cardiac telemetry devices provide just a foretaste of things to come.

Going forward we can expect to see technology playing a far more pervasive role in all aspects of healthcare. This can only augur very well for the health and longevity of people. Technology is going to help make healthcare that much more affordable, effective and personal.

These are exciting times for the healthcare sector with medical research joining hands with digital technologists to push the frontiers of patient care and treatment. For now, it is important to push for the greater adoption of technological solutions that are already available in the healthcare field to improve patient care. Mobile cardiac telemetry is certainly one healthcare tool that can cause a paradigm change in reaching care to symptomatic patients in India and beyond.

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