What are the Pros & Cons of Remote Cardiac Monitoring Devices for Patients & Physicians?

Posted on May 20, 2022

Evolving technology is altering the way healthcare delivers its best to physicians as well as to patients. These remote cardiac monitoring devices make the cardiac care practices particularly well-positioned and give short and long-term benefits.

Check out our new infographic and get to know more about the pros and cons of implementing remote patient monitoring devices in patient care!

Using these benefits in many ways even 74% of patients prefer easy access to healthcare services over in-person interactions with providers

Need for Cardiac Monitoring Devices for Physicians & Patients

  • Evolving need for remote patient monitoring technologies
  • Technology advancement in patient care
  • Increasing healthcare expenditure
  • Raising rate of cardiac disorders
  • Increased usage of health tracking devices

Pros & Cons of Remote Monitoring Device for Physicians


  • 24/7 monitoring drives access to up-to-date health data
  • More convenient and accessible patient care
  • Saves time around 15 hr per week for physicians
  • Identify signs of serious complication
  • Increased patient engagement with physicians
  • Better patient care by getting near-real-time data
  • 80% reduction on identifying early indication


  • Lack Technical Knowledge
  • Reduced care continuity with patients
  • Fewer In-Person Consultations

Pros & Cons of Remote Monitoring Device for Patients


  • Extended specialist and referring physician access
  • Cost-Effectiveness & Healthcare Savings among patients
  • 65% of patients avoid hospital visits by continuous monitoring
  • 44% of consumers feel in control of their health
  • 43% of patients feel convenience and comfort using the device


  • Limited accessibility in using devices
  • Lack of physician engagement
  • Fewer In-Person Consultations

Benefits of Cardiac Rhythm’s Services In Remote Patient Monitoring

  • 65% of reduction in hospitalization due to a cardiac defect
  • Advanced technical team support for physicians
  • 24/7 recording of heart detection of disorders
  • Fast and effective heart rate monitoring for meticulous treatment
  • 80% reduction in time consumed to deduct clinical events
  • Allows doctors and clinicians to provide personalized treatments
  • 2X higher the chance of survival for the patient

With the help of these heart health monitoring services, everyone benefited, both patients and physicians. While patients wearing these wearable heart monitoring devices will notify their physicians wherever the abnormalities occur and help in critical situations.

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